The letter C - symbolism


C is the third letter of the alphabet. Graphically it is a waning moon. It is associated with the sea and the Great Mother, Magna Mater. It is assumed that in the Phoenician language you would use two letters C and G - to indicate the same sound. In the Maya alphabet, which graphically is comparable to that Phoenician, the letter C was depicted as a double C that would be O, inside a triangle in the lower part and two triangles in the upper part (that recalls the shape of a human face, with two eyes and mouth).

The letter C is considered to be sacred because it contains the first letter of Christ.

Over time, this letter has been simplified and has remained one that resembled the Cyrillic letter Л that had the shape of the Phoenician letter C. in such a way the letter C was represented in the writing of the text that was found by Schliemann in the ruins of Troy. The Egyptian hieratic figure C resembled the Cyrillic letter Л. The Egyptians added a dash outside horizontal, as in Cyrillic on the left side. In the first form of the Greek letter this tip was triangular but was shortened. Later the Greek alphabets have given this figure a modern version Г, while the Romans turned the letter L, remembering the Latin letter L, then it was rounded and the letter C appeared.


Letter L - According to Kabbalah the letter L stands for the principle of power, it is an integral part of the name of God (Limmud).

Letter M - It is believed that the letter M is the most sacred: masculine and feminine agree in it, it represents the symbol of water.

Letter D - It is a letter of Phoenician origin. It is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet - Delta - where the world began.

Letter A -  stands for the sound, the great mystical power and acts of magic.

Letter B - In alchemy B expresses the relationship between the four main elements. It contains an element of composition of all things.

Letter E - It is the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet. It includes all aspects of the soul.

Letter F -  represents a vertical axis that brings divine energies. It symbolizes the balance of thoughts, body and spirit.

Letter O -  is present in all languages, and it looks like a disk of the sun, symbolizing perfection.

Letter R - It is connected with the divine name Rahim (mercy). Road (in English). The roads have no beginning and no end ...

Letter P - In Kabbalah Pe symbolized the mouth. P has the meaning of victory, willpower and self-control.

Letter T - In the ancient Greek language to write the letter T, as the Phoenicians, it was used the sign of the cross of St. Andrew, and sometimes included a circle.

Letter S - In Latin graphically S is a snake like a spiral. It gives the idea of the double helix that seems to complete each other.

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