The symbolism of the circle is the perfection and the image of authority.

For example, the ring worn by Christian bishops represents the highest ecclesiastical authority, while for others it is a symbol of spiritual control. The most famous image of the ring is the ring of King Solomon with a magical seal that gave him power over the jinn (demons). The rings are amulets of power, strength, divinity, independence and security. According to legend, they are also magical talismans and help those who wear them, giving them the supernatural properties, such as to become invisible. The origin of the magic rings is unknown, but they have already appeared in ancient mythology.

Marduk, the chief god of Babylon, is depicted as a warrior, holding a magic ring, Heracles in Greek mythology, Prometheus freed from the chains of Titan, wearing a ring on his finger. Legendary King Solomon had a magic ring, which was affected by a hexagram with the current name of God and Solomon was able to call jinns (demons) and make them work for him. Asmodeus convinced Solomon to lend him the magic ring, leading him to Jerusalem, and becoming the king. Then he threw the ring into the sea. But Solomon took up the ring and restored his reign on the throne. Demon Asmodeus had been locked in a pitcher. The ancient Egyptians and Jews said magic words or phrases on the rings.

The signet ring is even today a symbol of authority in the church and in the state.

The ring also represents the way of defense, protection, control and dependency. In ancient culture the ring was gifted with the ability to bind the connection between mind and body. The ring is a symbol of integrity, unity, and constraint (especially marriage). Prometheus, according to the will of Zeus, was chained to the rock in the Caucasus, after his release, Heracles wore a ring with fragments of rock as a sign of respect for the divine commandments, but also as a warning.

In the Middle Ages the rings engraved with magic formulas were amulets of the people against disease. In England in the early Middle Ages and until the sixteenth century "strange rings" were popular in the treatment of epilepsy and disorders. Rings, decorated with precious and semiprecious stones, are amulets that have particular characteristics of stones. For example, red jasper is associated with blood. In ancient times the soldiers wore a ring with red jasper to avoid the death and loss of blood due to injury. Many modern witches wear silver rings engraved with runic inscriptions, names of deities, a five-pointed star, the crescent moon, the image of the Goddess, or other symbols linked to witchcraft.



The peacock - In Indian mythology, to draw its wings, reminiscent of many eyes, represents the image of a starry sky.

The spider - In ancient Indian tradition Brahma, the creator of all things, was allegorically called the spider that was spinning the web of the world.

The dove - In China, a dove is a symbol of longevity and filial piety. In the East, the dove is a symbol of love and marriage.

The tiger - The tiger is a symbol of power, strength and success, but at the same time it is a symbol of destruction, because the energy can be both creative and destructive.

The lion - In the symbolism of the elements associated with the fire, the lion represents courage, supreme power, nobility and pride.

The jaguar - Aztecs and Maya  believed that four jaguars represent the guardians of the road to peace.

The elephant - represents many qualities including: strength, royal power, dignity, patience, wisdom, longevity and happiness, as well as being a symbol of good luck.

The butterfly - is a symbol of a soul,  the fragility, the shortness of life, happiness and non-permanence.

The owl - It is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, sensitivity, a prophetic gift, moderation, and melancholy.

The toad - In Vietnam, the toad is associated with rain, fertility, wealth, and sexuality. In Egypt, frogs were considered sacred animals.

The bear - The bear is a symbol of good will, heroic strength and clumsiness but also of malice, brutality and greed.

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