The palm tree is a classic symbol of fertility and an emblem of victory.

It is also considered to be as a symbol of longevity, while the palm branch is a symbol of peace. As a general rule, the palm of the symbolic tradition - is the date palm, its leaves reach a length of 1-2 meters and are usually called palm branches. The people of Asia Minor used the leaves of the date palm for funeral rituals (as the crown was used in the West).

In its subsequent interpretation it is a symbol of longevity.

Sumerian Ishtar, the goddess of fertility, married Dummuzi - god of growth and fruiting of the date palms. The Greeks borrowed this tree borrowed from Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was a rarity in ancient Hellas. Perhaps for this reason the winners of the Olympic Games were presented with a crown of olive branches and palm, to add the value of a wish for good health and longevity. Later, the palm branch became a worldwide symbol of peace, similar to olive, and victory. In Christianity, the palm tree is a symbol of sacrifice and purity. According to the tradition of pilgrims palm leaves were carried from the Holy Land. As an emblem of longevity, the tree became known in Europe during the Crusades. Its significance as a symbol of peace was confirmed in the Renaissance and then it was blocked.



The peacock - In Indian mythology, to draw its wings, reminiscent of many eyes, represents the image of a starry sky.

The spider - In ancient Indian tradition Brahma, the creator of all things, was allegorically called the spider that was spinning the web of the world.

The dove - In China, a dove is a symbol of longevity and filial piety. In the East, the dove is a symbol of love and marriage.

The tiger - The tiger is a symbol of power, strength and success, but at the same time it is a symbol of destruction, because the energy can be both creative and destructive.

The lion - In the symbolism of the elements associated with the fire, the lion represents courage, supreme power, nobility and pride.

The jaguar - Aztecs and Maya  believed that four jaguars represent the guardians of the road to peace.

The elephant - represents many qualities including: strength, royal power, dignity, patience, wisdom, longevity and happiness, as well as being a symbol of good luck.

The butterfly - is a symbol of a soul,  the fragility, the shortness of life, happiness and non-permanence.

The owl - It is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, sensitivity, a prophetic gift, moderation, and melancholy.

The toad - In Vietnam, the toad is associated with rain, fertility, wealth, and sexuality. In Egypt, frogs were considered sacred animals.

The bear - The bear is a symbol of good will, heroic strength and clumsiness but also of malice, brutality and greed.

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