The apple is a divine gift, a symbol of perfection (inspired by its round shape) and beauty.

In the biblical tradition the apple is considered to be an image of paradise, thus it symbolizes the joy.
The Jews, during Christmas dinner, eat slices of apple dipped in honey, to ensure the prosperity of the new year.
In Celtic mythology, the divine island of Avalon is named after the apple.
The apple symbolizes prosperity for the Slavs.
In China, the apple is associated with calmness.
Apples are also associated with eternal youth and immortality.
The golden apples of the Hesperides, gave eternal youth, a similar capacity was attributed to apples kept by Scandinavian goddess Iduna.
Rejuvenate is the meaning of the apple in Russian folklore.

It is also the image of the world (the name of power, an attribute of sovereignty, "majestic apple").

That's why New York is given the name "The Big Apple".

In Baltic mythology, the apple is a symbol of the sun and one of the incarnations of goddess Saule.
In the symbolism of the apple, its red color is involved that is a symbol of physical beauty.
As the delicate circular form is linked to the woman, the apple has a sexual characteristic, with its shape similar to the female breast (in Greek mythology the apple of Paris represented "beauty").
Paris had to give the golden apple to one of the three most beautiful goddesses.
Each of the goddesses, trying to get it, promised Paris: Hera - the power in Asia, Athena - military glory and victory, Aphrodite offered the love of the most beautiful woman on Earth, Helen, a daughter of Zeus and Leda.
Without thinking twice, Paris gave the apple to Aphrodite.
In this regard, the apple can be interpreted as a symbol of expansion, earthly desire, and in Christianity, it symbolizes the temptation of the forbidden fruit, in Latin the apple is "malum" that means evil.
The apple reminds us Adam’s fall into disgrace.

It is a symbol of original sin.

Boris Godunov introduced the apple into the symbols of royal power, in fact, at that time the kingdom was called "apple."
In the wedding ceremonies the apple is an integral part of the triumph, adorning the table prepared for the occasion.
In the royal palace it was said: "This apple is the sign of the kingdom. How the apple is kept in the hand, so the whole kingdom must be held by God to protect it from enemies."
In "The Songs of Songs of Solomon" there are such lines: "Under the apple tree I woke you up: There your mother was in labor with you. There she was in labor and gave you birth."
The proverb "An apple does not fall far from the tree" contains the meaning that children are like their parents.
In Europe, the potatoes are called "Devil’s apples".
In Russia, an apple is placed on the tomb of the deceased.
The apple blossom is a symbol of love.
The lone shooter, William Tell was training, pulling the arrow to an apple placed on the head of a servant.
The expression "to get an apple" is certainly a sign of precision.
Many love methods are associated with the handling of the apple.
For example, to bewitch love, you need to cut an apple in half, place a note with the name of the beloved person and reunite the two halves and expose it to the sun, and then, when the apple begins to shrivel, the beloved one will begin to feel strong feelings and love towards you.



The peacock - In Indian mythology, to draw its wings, reminiscent of many eyes, represents the image of a starry sky.

The spider - In ancient Indian tradition Brahma, the creator of all things, was allegorically called the spider that was spinning the web of the world.

The dove - In China, a dove is a symbol of longevity and filial piety. In the East, the dove is a symbol of love and marriage.

The tiger - The tiger is a symbol of power, strength and success, but at the same time it is a symbol of destruction, because the energy can be both creative and destructive.

The lion - In the symbolism of the elements associated with the fire, the lion represents courage, supreme power, nobility and pride.

The jaguar - Aztecs and Maya  believed that four jaguars represent the guardians of the road to peace.

The elephant - represents many qualities including: strength, royal power, dignity, patience, wisdom, longevity and happiness, as well as being a symbol of good luck.

The butterfly - is a symbol of a soul,  the fragility, the shortness of life, happiness and non-permanence.

The owl - It is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, sensitivity, a prophetic gift, moderation, and melancholy.

The toad - In Vietnam, the toad is associated with rain, fertility, wealth, and sexuality. In Egypt, frogs were considered sacred animals.

The bear - The bear is a symbol of good will, heroic strength and clumsiness but also of malice, brutality and greed.

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