Jade -  symbolism of the stone

Furthermore, as a reference of the "pure" element, jade was used in purification rituals. It has been widely used in the ritual symbolism of China and its shades range from creamy white to dark green that makes a further general symbolic connotation of the mineral.

Jade is considered to be a healer, a guardian and a protector.

The color of jade varies from gray to green, it may also be yellow, blue and black. The color intensity varies depending on the content of the mineral composition of iron oxides.
The most important stone is white jade. White and yellow jade is very rare. Jade is associated with Venus, Saturn and the Moon. Out of all the zodiac signs jade is best suited to Aquarius that is capable of a transcendental transformation. Green jade is more suited to Capricorn. White jade is good for Libra. Red-brown jade is associated with the sign of Virgo, yellow jade is associated with water signs. Red jade is suitable for fire signs. Blue jade is not associated with any sign.
From Spanish jade means "loin stone" –It is the fact that this stone has a consistency and incredible hardness and retains heat much longer. When it warms up you can use it as a heating pad.


Jade rays are useful particularly for kidney disease. If it is worn for a year, chronic pain and other symptoms will disappear. The Aztecs believed that jade was a sacred talisman that protected not only from harm, but also allowed to communicate with the spirits in a safe way.
Jade is also considered to be a stone of eternal love. A jade butterfly is a guarantee of eternal happiness in love. The imperial throne of China was carved of jade, a jade ring was represented as a symbol of prestige. In China many diseases have been treated with the powder of jade.

In Central Asia, the closing of the tomb of Tamerlane was made of green and black jade, it was believed that it protected from desecration.

It is difficult to carve jade, acid does not have any effect on it, it has a breaking strength and it is not susceptible to abrasion. In the ark of one of the Krupp factories in Germany, it has been tried to beat a granule of jade with a hammer on an anvil, as a result under the blows of the hammer, the anvil was broken into pieces, while the granule was remained intact. The subtle interplay of the fibers of Jade is twice stronger than steel. Primitive people made knives, hatchets, tips of arrows and spears of jade. In China, jade was regarded as a national stone. A couple of slabs of jade was the passport to the envoys of the emperor. Especially the emerald green jade had a great value. Jade was always regarded as warm and pleasant to the touch. Its medicinal properties are: White jade decreases renal colic pain in the liver. Red jade regulates the heartbeat. It has such mystical properties: jade gives power, longevity, it is worn as a talisman to hold away from ill luck and misfortune, it helps single people. Blue or green jade defeats the evil in a person, makes a person better. It has a strong power. It contributes to happy changes, removes the deadlock. The jade is a sacred stone of ancient China and other eastern states, and has always been used in the treatment of various diseases, it protects against lightning. The jade is as "indicator" of behavior - if it becomes cloudy and dark, it is an accusation of sins.


Opal - Opal is a precious stone of wisdom and friendship. Because of the colors of the rainbow this stone is venerated as a symbol of hope.

Sapphire - Sapphire is a stone of fidelity, a symbol of chastity and modesty, which brings divine grace, happiness and peace.

Hyacinth - Hyacinth also has the ability to improve memory and increase the level of intelligence. Hyacinth is also considered to be a stone of sadness and pain.

The turquoise stone - It is a symbol of happy love and a happy family life.

Onyx - According to legend, in the temple of Jerusalem, the wall of Solomon had the windows that penetrated enough light, because they were made of this stone.

The ruby - is a symbol of authority and power, and in love this stone brings a burning passion.

Emerald - A great lover of emeralds was the Queen of Sheba, and the emperor Nero used special lenses made of emerald to watch the gladiators fight.

Garnet - This stone has long been considered as an amulet or a stone of lovers, a symbol of love, friendship or affection.

Topaz - In ancient times it was believed that topaz could bring luck in business, and could make someone rich.

Lapis Lazuli - is a stone of sincerity and friendship. This mineral is also called the stone of heaven.

Chalcedony - In the East the ancients attributed to this stone a property to protect life from death and disease, to bring love and happiness

Tourmaline - It is believed that tourmaline is a spiritual stone; it is able to develop creative abilities and protect artists from all sorts of dangers.

Chrysoberyl - gives peace and peace of mind, strengthens family relationships. It is suitable for people looking for marriage

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