Hyacinth - symbolism of the stone

Hyacinth is a talisman. The predominant color of the stone is red, but it often forms a complex with shades of brown and yellow. Hyacinth is a stone of Moon, Saturn and Uranus. Hyacinth as translucent material has affinity with some treasures. Thus, in the East, it is considered a "brother" of the diamond. At present, hyacinth is often called noble zircon. The extraordinary brilliance of hyacinth is lost when the stone is exposed to fire or curiously when storm is approaching.

It is believed that this mineral was named after the hyacinth flower, the Greeks had a legend about a beautiful young man - the son of the King of Sparta Ebala and very dear to Apollo, the god of the sun. One day, Apollo threw from the clouds a hard discus. Hyacinth ran to the place where he had to drop the discus and he wanted to prove to his divine friend how he was good at discus throwing. But the wind god Zephir having no scruples for this young hero brought the discus straight to his head, mortally wounding him. Apollo stunned with grief, in memory of Hyacinth made to grow a fragrant flower from his blood.

Hyacinth, as many gemstones, has its magical properties.

So, this stone ensures its owner a better mental activity and a natural boost in the development of the various sciences. In ancient times, blue zircon, as a subspecies of hyacinth, was regarded as a guardian of travelers, because, according to legend, it was able to protect them from snake bites and wild animal attacks. In addition to these properties hyacinth also has the ability to improve memory and increase the level of intelligence. Hyacinth is also considered to be a stone of sadness and pain. Hyacinth has been attributed to have a soothing effect: it was thought that it could remove the anxiety, give hope, and was worn during the depression. But despite all this, hyacinth brings loneliness and unhappiness in love. In Russia in the 19th and 20th centuries it was considered to be a stone of merchants and artists.


Opal - Opal is a precious stone of wisdom and friendship. Because of the colors of the rainbow this stone is venerated as a symbol of hope.

Jade - is also considered to be a stone of eternal love. A jade butterfly is a guarantee of eternal happiness in love.

Sapphire - Sapphire is a stone of fidelity, a symbol of chastity and modesty, which brings divine grace, happiness and peace.

The turquoise stone - It is a symbol of happy love and a happy family life.

Onyx - According to legend, in the temple of Jerusalem, the wall of Solomon had the windows that penetrated enough light, because they were made of this stone.

The ruby - is a symbol of authority and power, and in love this stone brings a burning passion.

Emerald - A great lover of emeralds was the Queen of Sheba, and the emperor Nero used special lenses made of emerald to watch the gladiators fight.

Garnet - This stone has long been considered as an amulet or a stone of lovers, a symbol of love, friendship or affection.

Topaz - In ancient times it was believed that topaz could bring luck in business, and could make someone rich.

Lapis Lazuli - is a stone of sincerity and friendship. This mineral is also called the stone of heaven.

Chalcedony - In the East the ancients attributed to this stone a property to protect life from death and disease, to bring love and happiness

Tourmaline - It is believed that tourmaline is a spiritual stone; it is able to develop creative abilities and protect artists from all sorts of dangers.

Chrysoberyl - gives peace and peace of mind, strengthens family relationships. It is suitable for people looking for marriage

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