Original Tesla's purple plate

A remedy for the personal energy level. The autor and first user of the purple plate was Nikola Tesla himself and today it is used by millions people all around the world. The plate works as a transmitter of the cosmic energy, making around itself the positive field which cures, prevents the progress of a disease, eliminate the tension and the results of stress and improves the general mood.

Our original Tesla's Purple Plate is colored with an original pre-ionized purple color (during that procedure atom loses valence electron and becomes positive ion which attracts and accepts purple color).

We do not want to advise you or tell you not to buy from other sellers and distributors, but if you really want to feel the power of Tesla's Purple Plate, our stock should be your only choice. You can recognize its authenticity by an engraved dove in the top left corner of the Plate, as well as a hologram with image of Tesla and mark "original" on the top of packaging.

No matter what other producers claim we guarantee that we are the only ones who can offer the original Tesla's Purple Plate. Our plates are clinically tested with 20 years of experiences.

Besides that, we offer the full refund to anyone who is not satisfied with effects of Tesla's.

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