TAKE A CHANCE ON LIFE: And find your true purpose

Identifying your life’s true purpose is common for every individual, and can be a tricky question if asked, especially for those who are still confused if their 9-5 job is their true calling. And that makes it all the more important to figure out your lives’ purpose as soon as possible because if you don’t, you would just be wandering.

You may not have an idea of where life’s autopilot mode is steering you given that the people around you end up completing their education and have settled in life just fine. At this stage, the world might have forced you to throw your dreams out of the window in the name of realism, but it is time to get back in the driver’s seat of your life again! 

Therefore we’d say, lucky are those who have it all figured out early in their lives so that they have more time to pivot their strategy in case they end up hitting a roadblock!

The choices you make can dictate the vital areas of your lives like, your occupation, where you may settle down, and what you end up spending most of your days doing.

There are chances that the question might come in the form of a mid-life crisis and will require you to weigh your strengths and weaknesses as you try to gauge your way out of the noise in your head asking you for directions. You may even consider researching light symbolism to make sense out of the chaos - much like those beautiful Renaissance paintings you admire. 

Multiple techniques like the well-known Japanese technique of Ikigai- might help you break free from the social fabric handed over to us by society and pave the way to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

  • Listening to your inner voice  

To start with a complete revamp, you should listen to your inner dialogue to change your belief pattern and ingrained societal norms that have a footing in your mindset. 

Once you are familiar with the belief patterns that need to change, note them down and work towards revamping those beliefs. 

For example, if you are scared of success, you might hesitate to take action in the right direction every time an opportunity knocks at your door. Well, our advice would be to do it anyway. This will help you practice your courage and faith and ensure that you do not falter when any such situation arises in the future. 

  • Streamline the process

Confusion may unnecessarily take up a big chunk of your life. 

We’d advise you, get away from the unnecessary noise, pause the social media scrolling and focus on what your soul has to say. Does it ask you to change course?

If it does, it is high time to stop all that isn’t adding value to your life and listen to your inner voice. 

Pay attention to what has always fascinated you. This could be a sign to turn your hobby into a profession that can not only lead to satisfaction but more financial security.

Streamlining the process may also include being open to change your ingrained life patterns. This will let you focus on the things that hold more importance which can save time.

  • Listen to people

The people around you might be able to see your talent which for you is hidden in plain sight. People can help by giving some insights on how to refine them to their full potential.

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and allow you to follow your true purpose by guiding you to the right path. Guidance may not only come to you in the form of people’s advice rather angel numbers too. Consider their spiritual meaning to evaluate if you are heading in the right direction.

You might also want to surround yourself with people who will inspire you with their positive contributions to help you make a difference with your talents and passion. 

You might also have to take a closer look at the conversations you have with these people. The conversations that usually interest you can also guide you towards your calling.

Questions that help you dig deep

Now that you’ve known what’s wrong it is important to put a finger on the issues to rectify them in detail. It is important to keep your mind open for ideas to flow freely.

These questions might give you a properly defined direction. When you’ve done all your prepping it is important to see where your heart and soul lead you to! Dive in deep with your thoughts and see what you come up with, ask yourself questions like, what did you want to be when you were a kid. These questions are more likely to nudge you in the right direction. 

If you find yourself down and in the dumps on some days, do some research on how you can lift yourself up from the blues

Make sure you give yourself some time to get some clarity with the answers. Once you have the answers right in front of you, you can steer clear of distractions and find a clear view of your destination.

  • In a nutshell

Evaluating your life purpose is not just a one-time decision, it is a lifelong journey, by observing what life teaches you in different turns and directions. Though you can not just have one purpose, there could be more than one too!

The way to your calling need not be a straightforward path rather it could be filled with unpredictable curves, bends, or roadblocks.

Take the first step with some grounded contemplation, dive deeper, and with the internal compass taking the lead, you shall find the treasure that was waiting to be discovered!



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