Why Tesla?

It is now common knowledge that Tesla had attempted to market his radio controlled craft (the “telautomaton”;  Patent* 613,809) to the US Navy.**(11)(12) Tesla was the first to advocate the electric drive for naval vassels. (13)

He was the first to suggest that electric drive war ships could be used in peacetime to supply shore power during emergencies. (14) (They were, of course. See the comments below).

And, as is evident from Tesla’s quote at the top of this article, he was again dealing with the Navy during World War I.

It was during this time that he met in Washington with Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Roosevelt’s mentor, Josephus Daniels, was Secretary of the Navy.*** (It was also during this time that university professor and future Director of OSRD (Office of Scientific Research and Development), Vannevar Bush, was just starting research on submarine detection for the Navy.)

From Tesla’s files, we know that a few years later, during the 1920’s, the Navy in Philadelphia (specifically John B. Flowers, Electrical Engineer), was examining Tesla’s work. Anderson has noted that, “Tesla was engaged… at the E.G. Budd Mfg. Co. in Philadelphia from 1925-1926.”(15)

And, we also know that when Tesla died in 1943, Naval Intelligence officers accompanied MIT EE Professor John G. Trump (a Bush colleague also in the employ of OSRD) as he secretly examined Tesla’s papers.

We think that not only can the Philadelphia Experiment be tracked to statements which Tesla published during World War I, and were grasped by men like Bush, but that the physics of the experiment can actually be traced back to Tesla’s invention of the rotating magnetic field.

Furthermore, to us to there appears be a legitimate link between Tesla’s rotating fields and the Torsion tensor which appears in Einstein’s 1927-29 Unified Field Theory publications. This connection was first identified and published by Gabriel Kron at GE (Schenectady) during the 1930’s.

Return with us now to 1887 and Tesla’s first rotating field patent (#381,968; Applied for October 12,1887; Issued May 1,1888).


*For which Tesla has been identified as the Father of robotics.

**In 1916 Tesla said, “I vainly attempted to persuade them to accept. I perfected the machine in 1898, and tried everything in my power to have it adopted… After the patent expired a few months ago Congress appropriated [$750,000] and I have now the pleasure of simply looking on while others are using my inventions, which I could not persuade people to adopt. This is usually so.” [Anderson, 1992, pg. 158.]

***Both Daniels and FDR advocated absolute legal control of the electromagnetic spectrum by the Navy.


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Sommerfeld on Electromagnetic Stealth During WW-II

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