The spiral staircase

The symbolism of the spiral staircase is essential in the second phase of apprenticeship.
The ceremony as the first phase begins from the ground floor of the temple. To get to the next level and get the promotion, the candidate must climb the symbolic spiral staircase.
The stairs in the Masonic language symbolize the brotherhood within their clan. The stairs express the continuous communication of love that exists between the afterlife and this life, between the world of God and the world of men.

The candidate, who has reached the second level, is entitled to a reward. The symbols of reward are wheat, wine and oil.

The symbolism of the ascent within Freemasonry is created by the biblical story of Jacob's ladder. Jacob saw the ladder in his dream. The ladder connected the earth and the sky. God told him that the Jewish people would get the land that stretched from the Euphrates to the southwest. And to make a monument to the dream Jacob took the stone on which slept, and laid it in a vertical position dedicating the stone to God pouring oil on it.jacob
The wheat, wine and oil spiritually and mentally symbolize wealth and abundance. Wheat is a symbol of bread, one of our most important food. The wine represents good health and peace in a Christian context associated with the celebration of the Eucharist. The oil symbolizes happiness and joy. To get three products for a Mason means a deserved reward for leading a good life. The reward is the Masonic doctrine that derives from the fact that King Salmon and King of Tyre rewarded their workers and those who provided the material for the construction of the temple with the wheat, wine and oil.



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