The Fortune-Teller by Caravaggio

Here's another masterpiece: "The fortune-teller" by Caravaggio. Who does not know this great painter? And he was also inspired by the Gypsies. Let's analyze carefully this painting. Someone describes it in this way:
"The subject is a gypsy girl while reading the palm of the knight, steals the ring from his hand.
The framework has a very moralistic message: be wary of others, especially in the case of flatterers. "(Wikipedia)
And someone else describes it in this way:
"The eyes of the fortune-teller and a man meet, she holds the hand of the young man, she reads it, but does not look at it, she follows it with her fingertips like Braille printing and at that time her eyes are focused on the customer "to psychoanalyze". But what makes Caravaggio paint this scene and for whom? "(Bruno Morelli – a gypsy artist)
The tradition wants Caravaggio to have chosen for a model a real gypsy who passed in front of his studio.

Has any gypsy ever read your palm?
In fact, they never look at your palm but with their eyes they penetrate into your soul and amaze you.

And this is the art that has its own charm.



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