Gospel of St. Mark


Mark, a disciple and interpreter of Peter, in Rome, requested by the brothers, succinctly wrote the Gospel, according to the report he had heard from Peter.
Being aware, the Apostle approved what had been done and, according to the statements of Clement in the sixth book of "Y potupòseon" (Outlines) it can be said about Mark’s authorship.
According to Papias, the bishop of Hierapolis, this Gospel was written by Mark, while Peter, in his first Epistle under the name of Babylon referring to Rome, writes: "The church that is in Babylon sends you greetings and so does Mark, my son."
Taking the gospel which he had composed, Mark went to Egypt to preach, first of all, the Gospel, and founded the church with the doctrine and with such examples of virtue to force all the followers of Christ to walk in his footsteps.
Then Philo, one of the most educated Jews, seeing that Church which resembled the synagogue, wanted as if to praise his people, wrote a book about the way of life of the early Christians, and, as Luke tells the believers in Jerusalem, had all their goods in common, gave them to him as it was in Alexandria, under the guidance of Mark.
The Evangelist died in the eighth year of Nero, and was buried in Alexandria, and his successor was Anianus.

  • (St. Jerome: cpt. VIII of the book "De viris illustribus").




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