What Are Flying Saucers?


Persinger has already theorized that "flying saucers" commonly occur along cracks and patches of the Earth's crust, thinking that these phenomena could be explained by the "normal physics".
Tesla’s waves give full support to this theory, according to a branch of physics that cannot be characterized as "normal." For example, Tesla’s waves move through space while time passes linearly, or they move only through time - changing the flow of time and gravity field, or moving in combination of these two forms.
They may particularly influence the time and / or space.
If they can influence the progression in time, then they are able to influence any other existing field in time, including gravity.
In the same way you can influence the body mass, the inertia of the body, the brain and the mind! That was a big secret that Tesla partially discovered in 1900 and, step by step, described in the 20s and 30s.

All energy is electromagnetic in nature, all solid substances in our environment are made of energy, our eyes register only a fraction of the electromagnetic waves of the electromagnetic spectrum in a myriad of different frequencies that exist on our planet and in the cosmos.

John Kiel, one of the most famous UFO researchers, believes that the secret of the "flying saucers" is just that.
Their trick is the use of invisible frequencies in the invisible part of the spectrum. What we see, could be just a trace of them, the shadow that accompanies the event during the movement for change of direction.
How many other parallel worlds do exist, that we do not know anything about them? Because, the truth is that we see many things that do not exist, many of the stars, that are visible in the night sky, finished their last days a long time ago.
Last Tula, Atlantis, Avalon, Hyperborea, Underworld, Valhalla - all the worlds of our legends, maybe they were made only at a brief moment, in a flash of human consciousness that allowed us to look at other dimensions of life at least for a few seconds.

In 1936, Marconi staged his own death and with a hundred of scientists on the yacht "Electra" went to the rainforests of South America.
It is also said that he and his team had built an antigravity spaceship and later in the 40s or early 50s had flown to Mars.
At that time, around the residence of Marconi there were recurrent phenomena of appearance of UFO.


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