The visions of Nikola Tesla


"A lot of people call me a dreamer, laughing at my ideas. Our world is generous with superficial people. Time will be the judge. "


In Philadelphia, Tesla predicting a disaster, almost by force, prevented his friend to board the train departing in the evening, and so saved his life. In reality, the train has been involved in a big accident.


Tesla convinced JP Morgan to give up his voyage on the Titanic. Morgan believed in Tesla’s intuition, listened to his advice and returned the ticket.
John Jacobs, another sponsor and friend ignored the advice of Tesla and died on the ocean liner.
A few years later Tesla predicted the exact duration of four years of the First World War and that it would have been completed by December, 18. He missed only 5-6 days. He also predicted the next twenty-year period of peace.
He sought to prevent the Second World War, but...


Tesla was convinced that thoughts can be sent and received at a distance and this worked.

"It seems to me I am much more ahead of time," said Tesla. He was seventy-eight years old and became famous, and was known as the father of radio, television, broadcast, induction motor and the discovery of cosmic rays.
At that time he announced the existence of a previously unknown source of energy in unlimited quantities that is present everywhere around us.
At the time of publication of the article, he was studying the development of devices, arguing that they would make unnecessary wars in future.

"Nineteen years had passed before the Niagara electric power station started to operate based on my system and it took fifteen years before my patent for the wireless transmission of signals, published in 1893, became universal application."

"I announced the existence of cosmic rays and my theory of radioactivity in 1896."

"One of the most important discoveries, the resonance of the Earth, as the basis for the transmission of energy without wires, was published in 1899, but many do not understand even today." (It should be noted that Tesla refers to the year 1937, we are now in the third millennium and people still do not understand or maybe they just pretend not to understand.)
Edison, Steinmetz, Marconi and others, two years after completing the transmission of electricity across the planet, argued that it was impossible to transmit even a normal signal wirelessly across the Atlantic.

"As I have mentioned, thanks to many important discoveries, I think it would not be a mistake to predict what life will be like in the twenty-first century. In 2100 the development of life will be under the complete control of science. "

"In the past, with the law of survival, the character to be good disappeared. A new sense of sympathy is opposed to the relentless action of nature. As a result, it will continue to preserve the life and development of less skilled members of the human species. "

"Health and physical education will become a fundamental part of the school system and the state apparatus. Since 2035, the Minister of Education, Hygiene and Physics of the U.S. government will be more important than the Minister of Defense. "

"The pollution of our coasts, as they are today near New York, for our children and grandchildren will be as inconceivable as for us life is inconceivable without water and sanitation."

"More and more people die from diseases caused by water pollution and because of coffee, tea, tobacco and other stimulants. Personally, I gave up all stimulants. Furthermore, I do not eat meat. I am convinced that in a century coffee, tea and tobacco will not be so pleasant. Alcohol, however, will continue to be used because it is a stimulant and the elixir of life already selected. The excitement will not disappear for taxation. It will be no longer fashionable to poison the body with harmful substances. In the twenty-first century natural food such as milk, honey, cereals will be the basic epicurean dinner in many restaurants. "

"There will be enough grain and grain-based products to feed the whole world, including the millions of hungry people in China and India."

"Our planet is rich, and if there is a lack of something, nitrogen, arising from the air, will restore the fabric of the Earth. In 1900 I developed a system for this purpose. Later, after fourteen years, before the needs of the war, it had been improved in a similar system by German chemists. "

"By the end of the next century, the systematic reforestation and scientific management of natural resources will have ended the forest fires, droughts and floods."

"The electricity produced by hydroelectric power, its distribution and long distance transport will allow each family to get cheap energy, so will stop burning oil. Reducing the effort for survival, humanity will be directed towards the development of ideals rather than material values. "

"Countless activities, carried out by man, will be replaced by machine "by hand "."

"Right now, scientists in the laboratories of American universities are trying to create something that has been described as "a machine that thinks." Such a development was already planned before. In fact, I built a "robot". Today, robots are a fact of life, but the principles are still to be discovered. In the twenty-first century, robots will occupy the place that slaves had in ancient civilizations. "

"In general, there is no reason, why this should not happen in less than a century. If the attention of mankind was not too concerned about the internal and external wars, revolutions, there would be no reason that the electronics in the millennium could be developed in a few decades. "

Nikola Tesla, 1937



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