Tesla vs Einstein

It’s the last great discovery by scientists of CERN: there are particles in the universe that are faster than light. This discovery is contrary to the law of Einstein and his theory of relativity. I found an interview between Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, an inventor of electricity and an American journalist of magazine "Immortality". Nikola Tesla developed this theory a hundred years ago, which is disclosed only today, but that was probably already known in 1900. In fact, in the letters sent to Einstein, he wrote that theory of relativity was wrong.

  • Interview: Nikola Tesla and John Smith



Your admirers are complaining that you attack Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity. The strange is your assertion that the matter has no energy. Everything is full of energy, where did it come from?

TESLA: First was energy, then matter.

Mr. Tesla, would you like to say that you have created your father and not he has given life to you.

It works like that from the birth of the universe. Matter is created from original and eternal energy that we know as light. It shone, and there have been appeared stars, planets, humans and everything on the Earth and in the Universe. The matter is an expression of infinite forms of light, because energy is older than it. There are four laws of Creation. The first is that the source of all in the inconceivable, the dark particle that the mind cannot conceive, or mathematically measure, in this particle the whole universe enters. The second law is the spreading of darkness that is the true nature of light, from the inconceivable and its transformation into the light. The third law is the necessity of the light to become the matter of light. The fourth law is: no beginning and no end, the three previous laws always exist and the creation is eternal.

Your hostility to the theory of relativity goes so far that you hold lectures against its creator at your birthday parties.

Remember that the space is not curved, but the human mind cannot comprehend infinity and eternity! If relativity has been clearly understood by its creator, he would gain immortality, even yet physically, if it was his will. The proof that his theory is not correct is like the sound of the violin is been listening for delight and comfort at home by incompetent and ignorant people like him.

It's really wrong, Mr. Tesla! Don’t you have poetry for delight and comfort! You came to America with a bag where, by your own statement, the most valuable was the book with poems.

The musicality of the poems is the words, and Mr. Einstein dared to touch music. This is real crime. If his theory were correct, I would become a great musician like Handel and Gluck.

Excuse me, if you were a musician, so his theory would be correct.

I am a part of the light and it is the music. The light fills my six senses: I see it, feel, touch, smell, feel and think. Thinking of it means my sixth sense. The particles of the light are the written notes. A stroke of lightning can be an entire sonata composed with one or more instruments. A thousand strokes of lightning is a concert. For this concert a ball lightning is created, which can be heard on the icy peaks of the Himalayas.

I do not still understand why you are so hostile to Einstein.

He committed a sin against Pythagoras and mathematics, a scientist cannot and should not sin against these two. Numbers and equations are signs marking the music of the sphere. If Einstein had heard this sound, he would not have created the theory of relativity. These sounds are a message to remind that life has meaning, that the universe exists in perfect harmony and beauty is the cause and effect of creation. This music is an eternal cycle of stellar heavens. The smallest star is a completed composition, and a part of the celestial symphony. The human’s heartbeat is a part of the symphony of the Earth. Newton realized that the secret of the geometrically regular model is the movement of celestial bodies. He acknowledged that the harmony is the supreme law of the universe. The curved space is chaos, chaos is not music. Albert Einstein is a messenger of the confused and agitated time.

Mr. Tesla, can you hear this music?

I can hear it all the time. My spiritual ear is as big as the sky above us. My natural ear is expanded with the radar. According to the theory of relativity two parallel lines will meet in infinity. It is like to say that Einstein’s curve becomes linear. Once created, the sound lasts forever. For a person it may disappear, but it continues to live in the silence that is its greatest power. No, I have nothing against Einstein. He is a kind man and has done good things, some of which will become part of the Music. I will write to him and try to explain that the ether exists, and that its particles are what keep the universe in harmony and life in eternity.



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