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Tesla's research on "free energy" has led to the discovery of the so-called "purple plate." It is the supernatural event that was equated with the elixir of life. Linda Goodman, a modern astrologer has been using it for about ten years. Based on her experience and the experience of her friends, she wrote about this purple plate in her book "Star Signs."
There are different ways how an ordinary mortal can join the harmony of the universe. One of them was suggested by the invention of Tesla: "The purple plate."   It was designed by "cosmic experience and knowledge" of the man, who has studied the work created by Tesla, whom knew personally, and who wanted to remain anonymous (one of the characteristics who was born under the sign of Cancer).


"The life force energy" can be measured in several ways.

One of them is through electrical equipment. Using this measurement, the energy level of an individual man or woman not yet fully illuminated might register, say, 20 on the scale. When this person is handed a purple plate the reading will instantly increase to 90 or 95. It won't remain at that level, but continual use of the plate will gradually bring the person's energy to 100 permanently. And higher than 100, since the life force energy cannot be completely measured by any device presently known.
It may, therefore, measure at least two things: the speed of spiritual development and reinvigoration of the process of cell regeneration.
First and foremost, the plates will slowly but surely raise the vibratory frequency of those who use them and that’s of prime importance. Furthermore, it is known that every person’s vibration has frequency of light waves, it’s a metaphysical fact, which is the basis of many unexpected "wonders".

The inhabitants of the jungle, do not often allow researchers or other visitors to photograph, because they believe that with the photos they take a part of their soul. This is not true.

What photographers really steal is the level of personal frequency.            
In a sense, photographing of every personal frequency is impressed on negative or positive photos.Precisely for this reason, the purple plate has effect only if the negative is not destroyed or there’s surely somewhere. For example, either a child, or a dear person, or a friend behaves in an unpleasant way, as we all do from time to time: their behavior with the help of the plate can turn into positive one, not permanently, but until the next time, in a different way. For a greater effect, a person who receives the influence of the plate should not know about it.


The photo of the person you are interested in, if you are sure that it is negative, is placed face down on the surface of the plate.

It can be left for an hour (some are sensitive to energy programs, and excessive doses can cause anxiety or nervousness). Usually, after 15-20 minutes, the man who has seemed to be selfish, stubborn, always angry and hateful, becomes cheerful, charming and friendly.


When this happens to you, for the first time, you will be shocked by this supernatural event. Until then, I am sure you will not believe a single word of it.



  • Small plate - disk  - 23 EUR (Shipping by International Priority mail  included in the price)  



  • Option to buy more than one plate. Shipping by International Priority mail  included in the price. 


Tesla's purple plate small - multiple choice

  • Medium plate (11,4 x 7,3)  - 35 EUR  (Shipping by International Priority mail  included in the price)


  • Option to buy more than one plate. Shipping by International Priority mail  included in the price. 


Tesla's purple plate 11,4 x 7,3 multiple choice
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