Many wanted to be inventors - said the scientist - and they did not succeed, I regret being born at a time when everything seems to be accomplished and nothing is left to be done. It is not rare this completely wrong opinion that with the greatest advancement opportunities of new inventions are exhausted. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Spencer gave a good idea when compared civilization with the light sphere that a light bulb creates in the darkness. If the bulb is stronger, and the range of light is wider, the border between light and darkness is more evident. It is paradoxical, yet true that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, because only with the learning we become aware of our limitations.


In fact, one of the most useful results of intellectual evolution is the constant creation of new and better opportunities. We are making an amazing progress, but it is equally true that even in the fields most successfully exploited, the ground has just been broken. What has been created with the help of electricity is nothing, compared to what the future has in store. Not only that, but there are countless things done in old-fashioned ways which are not much lower than the new methods, both in economy and convenience and many others. The great advantage of the new method is that every time when it is possible, the engineer advises the customer to do something with the help of electricity.


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