Lie detector

Electrotherapy is another great field with unlimited possibilities for electrical applications. Especially high-frequency currents have a great future. The time will come when this form of electrical energy will be available in every private home. I think it is absolutely possible to use its effects on the skin surface, and avoid having a bath in a classical way, the body will cleanse itself in the blink of an eye, with a source of electricity at very high frequencies. Such a dry bath, besides being convenient and time-saving, will also have beneficial therapeutic effect. New electric devices for the deaf and blind are coming and will be a blessing to the disabled. 


Electrical instruments will soon become an important factor in the prevention of crime. In court, the trial by means of electrical energy will be crucial. Soon it will be possible to display each image created in the mind, which becomes visible in the place where you want. The improvement of the means to read the thoughts will also improve all our social relations.

Unfortunately, it is true that where there is good there is also evil and cunning lawbreakers will use this instrument to improve their illegal activities.


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