Solomon and Bilkis


So, he thought of using a pigeon to send her a letter.
In the letter, among other things, he invited her to meet God.
Bilkis replied by sending some gifts to him and a letter with the questions.
Solomon, with the help of Gabriel, answered the questions, while the gifts were returned to the queen.
Curious Bilkis decided to meet Solomon.
It was said that the Queen, despite her beauty, had hairy legs, and then, Solomon, to reveal the truth, ordered to make in front of his castle a glass pavement with flowing water under it.
Bilkis thought it was a puddle of water and lifted her dress to cross it.
The history of hair, turned out to be true, then, Solomon invented a tool to weed out the hair (which was used for the first time) of the sinuous legs of the beautiful queen, who then he married.




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