Like all nations and all religions of the world the ancient Slavic religion has also a history of creation of the world.

The creation of the world is one of the first questions arises in a human being. Who and where is he created from? How did man and his nature appear? What is the purpose of man on earth? What to do and how to behave? Religions answer many of these questions with the help of legends and myths about who created the world. The creation takes you to the reason and the reason is the purpose of the creation.

Rod was the creator. In fact, he is everything that exists. He was born from himself. At first he was only darkness, and Rod was like a bud, trapped in the shell.

When he gave love to Lada, the goddess of love, the shell broke and love came out. (This description of the creation of the universe resembles the Big Bang). After cutting the umbilical cord Rod separated the water of the sky and the water of the ocean, creating the earth. When he freed from the egg he continued to create. He separated the true from the false, the light from the darkness, Nav (the world of the dead) from Jav (the world of the living), good from evil. Then it was the turn of Mother Earth that entered the ocean. Rod is the creator of all gods.
At the end of the creation Rod created from his body the heavenly bodies, the nature and natural phenomena. He made the sun from his face, the moon from the chest, the stars from his eyes, the sunrise and sunset from his forehead, the dark night from his thoughts, the wind from his breath, rain, snow and hail from his tears and the lightning and the thunder from his voice.

Rod became the principle of the universe. He created cow Zemun and goat Sedunj. Their milk spread and the Milky Way was created. Svarog completed the creation of the world, putting 12 pillars to support the celestial sphere. Some sources say that Rod created the stone Alatir which poured the milk of life and from that milk Mother Earth and the milky ocean were created. Alatir remained on the milky ocean bottom and from the sea foam duck Sveta was created, who gave the birth to many other gods.rod-creator
Rod actually represents the monotheistic religion of the ancient Slavs. Although there are many Slavic gods, Rod is actually portrayed as a kind of god that you may encounter in monotheistic religion today. Rod also fits into the scheme of Nietzsche’s God that had existed to create the world and form the principles of the universe. When he had finished his goal, he could disappear, or die. Rod becomes a principle and ceases to appear as God, ceases to meddle in the lives of mortals and gods directly, but he is always present and the principles that he represents affect everyone. He is in everything, in fact, he is the basis of everything. All visible and invisible depicts Rod.

Rod was worshiped in other ways. Rod is the protector of crops, birth and family.

These words in all Slavic languages ​​have their roots in the word ROD. Cousin (Rodak), relatives (rodina), birth (porod), Nature (Priroda), the people (narod), all these words contain the root of his race. This shows how Rod was respected by the Slavs who saw in him the basis of everything. Nature is Rod. The people are in Rod and Rod according to the principle is the protector of the people. Rod is the protector of blood relations and relations between the clans. Rod spreads on everything as a basic element or as a sort of foundation. Rod is all around us, as he was later reported in Christianity (the name was taken from Rod, because the Christian God is nameless).


Dazbog was the god of fire, sun and rain

Perun is the  god of the sky and thunder

Vesna was the goddess of spring

Horz is associated with the Moon

Radgost was the god of hospitality

Stribog is the god of the wind

Morana was the  goddess of winter and death

Devana was the goddess of the hunt

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