Morana was the Slavic goddess of winter and death.


As the goddess of winter she had never been loved by Slavic peoples, because she brought death, hunger, cold and unbearable diseases. Therefore, her coming was always awaited with fear, while her going was celebrated with joy.
A legend tells that Dazbog, a sun god, went to the underworld Nav to seek his wife Zlatna Maja (Maja gold). In Nav he met Morana who seduced him.
After a bit of time Morena got bored of Dazbog and found another lover - Crnobog Jula. To get rid of Dazbog Morana tried to poison him. Saved by Ziva or Siva, Dazbog burned Morana and sent her to the underworld. This explains the process of the evolution of the sun. According to the belief of the pagan people, during the winter the sun is in the underworld. But his lover Morana that during the winter did not let him go out of the underworld gave him a drink of forgetfulness. Despite all Morana was unable to extend her kingdom forever, because at the end of the story Dazbog got rid of her and destroyed it.
Morana is described as a woman with dark hair and scary look, associated with witches and other demonic creatures. However, we cannot say that Morana was only a negative divinity. At the bottom of the heart the Slavic people worshiped the goddess Morana despite she was not good, scared and terrified them.




Dazbog was the god of fire, sun and rain

Perun is the  god of the sky and thunder

Vesna was the goddess of spring

Horz is associated with the Moon

Rod was the creator

Radgost was the god of hospitality

Stribog is the god of the wind

Devana was the goddess of the hunt

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