In 980 Prince Vladimir built on a hill above Kiev statues of pagan gods not imagining that they would soon be destroyed. Besides the statue of Perun, Mokos, Stribog, Simargal and Dazbog, Vladimir also built a statue of Horz.
A Ukrainian legend tells that Ukrainian Prince Viseslav turned into a wolf crossing the road between Kiev and the Crimea. His goal was to cut the road to Horz before he could arrive in the Crimea before cockcrow. Horz is depicted as the morning sun that Viseslav is trying to precede, but also the moon, the road of Horz. But what is actually this race of the wolf of Viseslav?

It is known that in Slavic folklore there are a lot of stories about werewolves, people who after the death turn into wolves. So Prince Viseslav is a werewolf, influenced by Horz - the moon transforms him into a wolf. There is a similar story relating to Emperor Trajan, a demonic figure who exercises his crimes at night, living in the darkness, hiding from the sun in the morning. Horz is the moon that governs the werewolves, vampires and demons even if it cannot be considered as a negative force, but simply the energy that awakens bestial, dark, hidden instincts in man.

In another way Horz is associated with the Moon.

Its symbol is a horn, while the chest is the wolf that devours the moon, symbolizing in such a way the eclipse. The adjective kors is very similar to the name of Horz, and represents something already started or cut. This attribute obviously refers to the moon, and it looks like its phases of growth and decline.(rump)

As we have said, Horz does not depict only the moon as well as the morning sun, or the sun in all its phases. Scientist Sreznjev who discovered a statue of Horz, called it Apollo. Horz is sometimes perceived as Dazbog, a deity identical to Horz is Dazbog. Horz’s sisters are the girls of the sun.


Dazbog was the god of fire, sun and rain

Perun is the  god of the sky and thunder

Vesna was the goddess of spring

Rod was the creator

Radgost was the god of hospitality

Stribog is the god of the wind

Morana was the  goddess of winter and death

Devana was the goddess of the hunt

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