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The legend of King Solomon


According to the study of Freemasonry, Adam was the first Mason, who had told his celestial impressions his children and they still pass from generation to generation. Masons, according to this interpretation, are also Moses, David, Noah, Solomon, Hiram Abif, Chinese Emperor Fo Hi, Alexander the Great, Jesus Christ, Richard the Lionheart ... Therefore, the Masons are the keepers of the supreme truth.

A highlight is the construction of Solomon’s temple. Solomon, in fact, succeeded to the throne of Judah Empire 975 BC. According to the wish of his father, he was building a temple in honor of the Jewish god Yahweh. The temple was built from stone already treated in the quarry, not to make noise during the construction of the sanctuary and do not disturb the master Masons. The guiding spirit of the Masters was Hiram Abif.
All of them were divided into three groups: students, trainees and teachers. Among them there was a hierarchy, and Hiram Abif led them by sending them wisdom. The Masters, according to the rules, communicated through secret codes that Abif revealed to them. One day, three workers lost their patience and wanted to know the secret codes of the Masters before getting their degree. They had organized the plan at home, taking the Master guide and trying to force him to reveal their secret codes. Of course he refused so they killed him. One hit him with a protractor (metal), the second with a ruler (metal), and the third with a trowel. However, they failed to discover the secret. They buried Hiram Abif under acacia. However, a few days later nine great masters found the body of their spirit guide, one of the nine uttered when he saw the scene: "The flesh is detached from the bone," and another said, "Acacia knows the secret." They have become the symbolic words of Freemasonry and a protractor, a ruler, a circle and a triangle have become Masonic relics. In any case, the secret codes are stored and transmitted through the story from generation to generation, with the rank of master. Since then, the stone working symbolizes the work of a man, and the construction of Solomon's temple symbolizes the building of the world harmony.
The Mason must divide the time of a day in three. A period of eight hours must be devoted to work, the next period of eight hours must be devoted to religion, to improve themselves and do good work and charity and the remaining eight hours are dedicated to rest.


Masonic Apron

The Spiral Staircase

The Master Mason

The construction of King Solomons Temple

Jachin and Boaz

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