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«Can we learn to think in 4 – dimensions? This, and negative time, involve dreaming of the wildest sort, with no support whatsoever as yet from anything we see or record on our delicate instruments».

Vannevar Bush,  March 2, 1967****

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Bush, V., Science Is Not Enough, Morrow and Co., 1967, pg. 168.

«Gentlemen, we are facing a crises such as the world has never seen before [WWI], and until the situation clears, the best thing we can do is to devise some scheme for overcoming the submarines, and that is what I am doing now. (Applause)»

Minutes of the 7th AIEE Edison Medal

Presentation to Nikola Tesla, May 18, 1917



In this paper we follow the thread leading from Tesla’s spinning “Egg of Columbs” demonstration, through his proposal of a large rectangular helix disposed about the hull of a ship for U-boat detection, to Arnold Sommerfeld’s discussion of magnetically biased ferrites creating elettromagnetic stealth for WW.II submarines. By calculation, the required magnetic field to reduce a ship’s radar reflection to less than 1%, at L-Band (1.5) GHz, is in excess of 15,000 A/m.

Fields this order of magnitude would appear to fulfil the requirements of a “Philadelphia Experiment”.

Such intense fields would create green mist and cavities in salt water, and magnetophosphenes and Purkinje patterns in humans, particularly if driven at frequencies in the range of 10 – 125 Hz, as was available from the synchronous generators on WW-II electric drive ships.

We conclude that with the knowledge available, the DSRB (under Vannevar Bush) would have been derelict not to have conducted such an experiment.

Finally, we present speculation on temporal bifurcations.

Assuming Hehl’s hypothesis that localized Cartan Torsion tensors are generated by ferromagnetic spin, we propose two physical experiments which distinguish temporal anisotropy arising from anholonomity (the Sagnac effect) from that arising in the torsion of the 1929 version of the unifield field (Eddington’s “crinkled manifold”).



This paper stands unique among our publications both on Tesla and on the conventional aspects of electromagnetism and relativity. In this regard it is partly speculative. (And, only partially at that, since we report on some of our experimental findings that can be verified by independent laboratory examination).

Before wading too deep into a controversial subject like that before us, it is common for respectable folk to acknowledge their limitations.

We need to make some kind of professional “disclaimer”. Let us express it this way: we offer this little study in the spirit of an engineer and some physicists having some fun [in the sense of Arthur Eddington, (1)(2) Joseph Slepian, (3) Jearl Walker,(4)** Edwin Abbot,(5) George Gamow, (6) or even Arthur C. Clark], looking at published statements, attempting to stay within the bounds of engineering technical propriety, and saying, “What if …?”

Since the theoretical analyses make specific physical predictions, it follows that our assertions can be experimentally examined by disinterested (but technically qualified) third parties, and that we haven’t strayed too far from the scientific method in our amusing pastime.

Taken in that spirit, our passing entertainment should also provide recreational diversion for skeptics, grad students, the lunatic fringe, engineers, and men of honor.


*Slepian wrote a delightful series of “Electrical Essays” for engineers. Start with the one cited and read either forward or backward several years.

*Walker wrote about physics problems, “I am not so interested in how many you can answer as I am in getting you to worry over them.”





K.L. Corum*, J.F. Corum, Ph.D.**


J.F.X. Daum, Ph.D.***



Why Tesla?

Polyphase Currents and Rotating Fields

Tesla’s Reflections on Radar and Ships Wrapped in Coils of Wire


Sommerfeld on Electromagnetic Stealth During WW-II






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