The Violinist by Marc Chagall.

There are two figures in the foreground, the father with the violin and his son, behind them there is an old disproportionate house, near which two women greet each other.

They are located far away, on the prospect of a road leading into the deep valleys of a fantastic landscape, the stylized and barren trees, gloomy and flat sky, the colors mostly are hot but broken by large halos of brown paste and other tones are earthy. The figures and the entire composition undergo oblique cuts and schematic reductions, a formal synthesis as a result of cubist interpretation of reality. The desire to disrupt and reinvent the real world binds, as in this case, a thin, vague sound of the violin, and rich ancient gypsy music with its power to influence and renew the Western tradition.

"The Gypsies in the Art" (I Rom nell’arte) by Bruno Morelli

Marc Chagall(biography)


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