The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau.

It is an extremely sophisticated and complex painting, which is difficult to interpret... The dark silhouette embodied with the stick grabbed in her hands, and above her there is a lion, gigantic and beautiful, next to it, becomes the paradigm of the creative energy of nature.

In the background there is a virtual sky of ambiguous colors, it would seem of plastic. It might be already night because the stars throw their luster, but it could also be dawn, perhaps the landscape of another world, where the mountains in the distance form the outline of a lunar unreal chain. Among the figures and the background there is a sacred river that is divided into two floors, the real from the unreal, in fact it is not clear if the animal is drinking or it is going to devour the sleeping woman, probably it only sniffs.

"The Gypsies in the Art" (I Rom nell’arte) by Bruno Morelli

Henri Rousseau(biography)


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