Gypsy with a cigarette by Edouard Manet

A father of modern art. The figure of a woman, cut by the brightly blue sky, stands as a symbol of the annulment of the borders, with a cigarette between her lips; her image shines illuminated by the sun of the day as a symbol of truth. Her head gently rests on her arm sitting next to another symbol of the journey, typical of the Gypsies, a horse.

A white horse’s head and the woman with a big yellow shirt announce a piece of life, pulsating and bloody as Manet recognizes and captures without adding or removing anything, it is said by the reality of the image… The cigarette in her mouth as the image of the gypsy environment is reminiscent of the Indian tradition of female smokers but also expresses the pride of the authority within the family...


"The Gypsies in the Art" (I Rom nell’arte) by Bruno Morelli

Edoard Manet(biography)


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