Top secret experiment

In the decades that concern Tesla, there is an aura of mystery about the disappearance of his most important manuscripts, and the theory that Tesla was murdered, because according to the policy of the United States government agencies he had always been considered uncooperative. On the other hand, most of the time Tesla pointed out the dangers hidden in some of his projects, and friends spoke of fears of the effects that could result if they fell into the wrong hands.

During 1943 the U.S. Navy had been working at a top secret experiment, that many years later was known only to a few people. Even those who participated did not know what really happened.


Since Stephen Hawking announced that time travel was theoretically possible, ufologists and scientists have begun to take an interest in this story. Journalists or almost everyone who could speak or hold a pencil in the hand began feverishly searching through old archives to find something that could take them to the “irrefutable” proof that the new star of theoretical physics had the support of its great predecessors. And they were lucky! Those who were sure to watch and see once again the documentation on the legendary “Philadelphia experiment” had found the last piece of the puzzle.


Until now, of course, there is no evidence of time travel for this purpose it was served something that is the closest to the proof: only the name and work of the untouchable authority. In the case of the ill-fated USS “Eldridge” had come to both.

For this experiment it was given this name because it had happened in the place of the U.S. Navy in the port of Philadelphia, in 1943. The first idea was to try to project an invisible radar (create a pulsating magnetic field in order to obtain a ball of electromagnetic protection). The experiment, however, ended in a bad way. Instead of becoming invisible to radar a ship had become “optically” invisible and then disappeared through a time tunnel.

When the generator finally stopped working, the ship had reappeared. Several members of the crew were found to wander aimlessly, unaware of where they were and what had happened. Others were left to wander the ship as if they were tied with invisible wires to its steel structure. Subsequently it was the fact that the people had never been exposed to such a strong influence of electromagnetic fields.


Nikola Tesla who was responsible for the whole project (code-named “Project Rainbow” until 1942, deliberately began to obstruct and sabotage, and then retired completely when he realized that the Navy and the people on the ship would be used as victims. Several months later, Tesla was found dead in his hotel room. It is said that he had been run down by a car.

Al Bielek one of the sailors of the ship revealed the names of the scientists who were the part of this experiment, besides the name of Nikola Tesla he had mentioned the name of John Von Neumann, Thomas Townsend Brown and Albert Einstein.


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