The violin - the legend of the Gypsies

Once there was a poor man and a woman. They had no children. One day the woman went to the forest and met an old woman who told her, "Go and split in two a large pumpkin, pour a liter of milk in a half and drink it. You will have a son who will grow big and rich." After these words the old woman disappeared, and the poor woman went home and did exactly what the old woman had said. Nine months later she gave birth to a baby. But the happiness of the woman did not last long because she became ill and soon died when the boy was twenty. Then the young man thought, "What am I doing here alone? I will go around the wide world to seek the fortune."

He went on foot from village to village, from town to town, but nowhere found fortune. One day he came to a town where a very rich king lived. This king had a beautiful daughter who wanted to marry only that one who could do something never seen in the world before. Many men had tried but no one had been able to create or discover something that she has not seen before. As soon as he heard it, the young man went to the king and said, "I want the hand of your daughter, so what must I do!" The king was angry at the young man and said, "Do you ask me what to do? But you have already known that only the person who would make a thing that she has never seen on earth would have the hand of my daughter. And you have asked such a stupid question, I will send you to prison until the end of your life. "

And the servants sent the young man to dark and cold prison. As soon as the door was closed, inside the cell there was a great light and suddenly Mantuya, the queen of the fairies appeared. "Do not be sad" - said the fairy. - "I promise you that you will have the hand of the king's daughter. Here you are a small wooden box and a stick. Now you need to pull some hair from my head and put it on the box and stick." The young man did as the fairy had said, and when it was ready she said, "Now touch the hair of the box with a stick." And the young man did again and at this time the fairy said, "The box will become a violin and will make people happy or sad depending on how you want." She took the box and smiled inside. And then she dropped a few tears and said: "Come and touch the hair of the box with a stick." The young man did as she had ordered and the box began to play such songs that moved his heart and made him happy. When Mantuya disappeared, the young man called the servants and wanted to see the king "Now Majesty, listen and look what I brought you." And he began to play. The king, over the moon with joy, gave him the hand of his beautiful daughter and they lived happily ever after. Thus the violin appeared in the world.

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