The sunflower

This flower was mocked and despised by other wild summer flowers, as they considered her ugly. Therefore, no flower wanted her near because of her "ugliness", fearing to diminish their beauty. Even the animals on the farm mocked at her.
The poor flower suffered terribly, but she did not complain and had never answered with the same mocking tone with which others addressed to her. She lived in solitude, and cheered during the day admiring the great golden sun with wonder.

The flower looked at the source of her life, and ignored all the humiliations and the hostile world around her. The worst moment of the day was the sunset, when the sun was going to bed. Since then, and until the next morning, she blunted her will to live, which intensely returned at dawn, when she felt the warmth of the first rays of her only friend.

Seeing the situation in which his admirer was, the sun decided to help the poor flower rejected by all. The sun gave her the hottest rays and bright, that showed a gold glow of the petals, so now the flower has a magic crown, which makes her look the most beautiful flower of all.
Since then nobody laughed at her anymore, and everyone turns to her with respect, wondering surprised: how could such an ugly flower become suddenly so beautiful?
Since that day the flower has begun to love and admire the sun.
Because of happiness and continuous and constant gaze at the sun she grew and became the highest and the most elegant of all other flowers that had mocked at her.
The sun noticed that the flower continued to love him and admired him, and to show his affection he gave his name to her, which she still bears proudly, the sunflower.


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