The Rose


There are many historical moments where the queen of flowers is mentioned, but one of the most important stories is known as the "War of the Roses." In the middle of the fifteenth century, two British families, whose emblems were "White Rose of York" and "Red Rose of Lancaster." Today we are certain that it was Rosa Alba Maxima and Rosa Gallica Officinalis. Since the twelfth century, it is said that the second name to Rosa Gallica Versicolor had been given by the lover of Henry II, called Fair Rosamund, and then, Rosa Mundi.

The mythology and the history are full of symbols or heraldic emblems that this flower contains. It is said that roses have been created from the sea foam that surrounded Aphrodite, a goddess of love, while she was coming from the sea. Another legend tells of a lover of Aphrodite, Adonis, when he was wounded in battle, from his tears, which were mixed with his blood, very fragrant flowers grew, red blood roses.

Even the Romans told many stories about roses. One of the nicest was that Flora, the goddess of spring and flowers, asked other gods to help her transform her deceased friend into the Queen of Flowers. One god gave life, another bathed in nectar, another gave the scent, another gave the fruit, and the goddess Flora gave the petals. The result was, of course, the Rose. The Romans used roses as medicine, "the scent of roses could become the medicine."

Other legends tell that the floors of the palace of the last queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty, Cleopatra were covered with rose petals, and in the library of wise Confucius there were 600 books about how to grow roses.


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