The Morning Glory


Morning Glory has the beautiful blue flowers that open in the morning and turn their beautiful blue flower to the sun and decorate whatever you plant next to them. The mysterious fact of the morning glory was that they close their flowers in the late afternoon and sleep until the next morning.
According to legend, a beautiful princess liked to sit among the flowers in her garden. She was very delicate and therefore she had to return to the palace before the day got too hot.

In this way she could not see some of the varieties of flowers in the garden because it opened only when the sun shone on them. This made the princess very sad, because it is known that the princesses have a noble heart. One day when she came into the palace, she began to cry. When she was walking her tears fell on the floor and every tear that touched the ground turned into a tiny seed. A few weeks later, early in the morning when the princess was walking in her garden, she was very surprised when suddenly she noticed a beautiful new flower that was born and was growing on the wall of the garden with its spiral-shaped beautiful branches and leaves around the trees and the arches. Her heart was filled with joy and the name "The beauty of the morning" was given to the flower on the one hand because it had emerged from the tears of the princess with beautiful blue eyes, and on  the other hand because it had brought so much joy during her morning walks.


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