The Lavender


Once there was a girl who was so beautiful that when people were looking at her they became breathless. Many young people wanted her. Unfortunately, among them there were two fools.  As she was not going to accept their courtship, they decided to force her to make love with them ... One day they followed her. The poor girl ran up the hills. But the two thugs were able to reach her and push her on the ground. At the moment they were tearing her clothes, the girl turned to the ground with shame and wept bitterly. Suddenly on the ground where the tears were falling, blue and purple flowers began to sprout.

The branches of the plant covered almost the whole body of the girl thereby hiding her shame. The two fools saw what had happened, got scared and ran away.
This Mediterranean legend tells the story how the lavender appeared for the first time, and that is why it brought such a belief that is still in use: in the field of lavender nothing bad could happen to a girl. In other words, the girl who was carrying the flowers of lavender can be quiet.
The healing properties of lavender have been known since ancient times: lavender helped to cure people suffering from insomnia, nervous disorders, bad indigestion, and even heart disease.


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