The Aster


Have you ever looked at a star for a long time? If yes, then you could notice that the star is not just a simple point of light in the sky. The starlight is not always the same. In a few moments it assumes a blue color, sometimes white, and even pink. In the middle you can see a gold color and in the outer areas- dark colors. So, we have the feeling that the stars through these lights, communicate with us. The stars can be compared to the angels, messengers of the heaven.

The stars that fall could be the angels falling to Earth. When the ancient people understood this message, they began observing trees and flowers to try to find stellar interlocutors. They came upon a small blue flower with a yellow circle in the middle, which had many points in common with the stars in the sky. "Aster" (clover), said a seeker. And since then the word "Aster" means "star" and it remains so.

Peter Inkerville in 1728 from China, imported the aster to Europe, and from him, a famous French botanist has received the seeds of the flower. The botanist in the Trianon garden of Versailles succeeded by seeds to give birth and grow a large and bright flower, then called: the Queen of daisies.

The aster is one of the oldest flowers. When archaeologists opened an ancient royal tomb of more than 2000 years old, they found the stellar drawings. The ancient Greeks considered it to be the amulet of stars. The aster personifies the autumn in the Hungarian language.

There is a popular belief that says if you are on the starry night among asters, you can hear a faint whisper. In this way, the aster talks to her sisters, the stars. This is not surprising, because according to legend, the aster was born from the dust falling from the stars. This legend was invented by the astronomer Gio Domenico Cassini, when he was young, when he studied the science of celestial bodies: then he spent the rest of his life on the study of botany.


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