A century ago, there lived a powerful emperor of China, who was not afraid of anything, except the age, he was obsessed by the desire to govern and live as long as possible. So he called his doctor and ordered him to find a drug that would keep him forever young.

The poor doctor after a long consideration, fearing for his life, stood before the king and said:
- Oh, mighty Lord, I could make an elixir from one type of flower, but the flower is born far to the east.
- I will order immediately to bring the flowers, said the king.
- But it is not so easy, the doctor sighed. - The whole secret lies in the fact that the elixir is effective only for a man of pure heart.
The doctor knew that neither the emperor nor his servants meet this requirement, but he was wrong thinking that this would discourage the emperor.
The emperor did not give up, he found more than 300 boys and girls, knowing that the children are pure in heart, and loaded them with the doctor on the imperial ship and sent them to collect the flowers to make the elixir.
They were sailing for a long time, until on one of the Japanese islands they found the beautiful chrysanthemum flower, then the doctor said:
- I do not know if this flower is suitable for the elixir, but looking at it makes you feel the heart and soul young!
The wise doctor who knew the cruelty of the emperor, and he knew that he would kill him and the children, believing that they, having tried elixir, would live more than him, decided not to return to China with his young companions. So they formed a new state, where they continued to live, and the symbol of their life was chrysanthemum.


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