Ancient Indian legend


... There was such time when all men were gods. But they began to abuse of the deity Brahma, the supreme god of all gods, who decided to withdraw the divine power and to hide it in a place where it could never be found. The big problem was where to find the place.

When other gods were invited to the Council in order to solve this problem, they said: "The divine power could be buried in the depth of the soil." But Brahma replied, "No, this is wrong, because man would dig and would find it."

Then the gods said, "In this case, we throw the divine power in the deep ocean."

Brahma replied, "No, sooner or later man would explore the depths of the oceans and surely one day he would find and bring it to the surface."

Then the gods concluded: "We do not know exactly where to hide this power, because it seems that there is no place on earth or in the sea where humans could never get one day."

Then Brahma said, "That's what we will do with the divinity of man, we will hide it in the deepest place of man, because this is the place where no man will ever look for it."

Since then, the legend concludes, man began to surround the terrestrial environment, exploring every corner of the earth, digging in the depths of the oceans, plunging to look for something divine not being aware that it was inside of him.


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