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It’s the twelfth letter in English and in Hebrew. In Russian and Cyrillic alphabet it is the 13th letter of the alphabet. The numerical value in all the alphabets is 30. The numerological significance in Kabbalah is 3, the principle of spiritual authority and the balance of all things in the world.

According to Kabbalah the letter L stands for the principle of power, it is an integral part of the name of God (Limmud). In the hieroglyphics it is represented as an outstretched hand. It is a part of the word Lamed (calf Eb) - a symbol of generative power in its two aspects: cosmic and earthly (bull - a sign of Mars).

In alchemy, the letter L is decomposition. In Russian (Л), is sometimes depicted as a bundle of rays coming from the center - a sign of the sun. It is graphically similar to the English inverted letter V. It is associated with the principle of love, affection and tenderness. It can also be perceived as a source of wisdom.  It is written in Cyrillic as Russian Л. The letter Л-Slavic is associated with the water element, the water that is flowing in streams and rivers. In magic, the letter Л - is the letter of intuition, knowledge outside the mind, as well as the awakening of spring and fertility, flowering and joy.