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The title of Equizio and Basilica of St. Silvestro and Martino ai Monti (Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti – Titolo Equizio)

The third century was a period of strong external and internal growth for the Christian community of Rome.

The number of its members, constantly increasing, created serious difficulties for the pastoral operation of a single community center.

It was necessary to create other centers for the pastoral care of the faithful: the city was divided, under Pope Fabian in seven pastoral districts.

This organizational structure was completed in the middle of the century with the establishment of so-called "titles" or titular churches: the individual regions were equipped with domus ecclesiae, i.e. a house belonging to the Christian community where the faithful gathered for worship and for other pastoral purposes.

These houses were either purchased by the community, or were donated to it.

In each title there were the rooms used as a dwelling for the clergy of the relevant region.

The first known title in Rome is that of SS. John and Paul on Caelian Hill, while the most recent title of early Christian is that of S. Vitale (tit. Vestinae) of the fifth century.

The Roman titles represent an important moment in the history of pastoral care, being the origin of the structure which was to become the parish then; they have an important place in the historical evolution of Christian churches towards the basilica church.

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edited by Emanuele Boaga

for Basilica Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti

Via del Monte Oppio 28-00184 ROME

tel. 06-47.84.701 - fax 06-

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Parish of the Central Sector - Prefecture V – Rione Monti - 1˚Municipality

Presbyterial title: Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz

Entrusted to: Carmelites (O. Carm.)


Current Pastor: Fr. ADRIAN Ghiurca (O. CARM.)



The Gospel of Saint John

The Gospel of Saint Luke

The Gospel of St. Mark

The Tomb of Priscilla

The location of the Title of Equizio

The uniqueness and originis of the Title

The vicissitudies of title through the ages

Testimony of art and faith in the title

Visiting the Title

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