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Categoria: The Gypsy World in the Art



The Juggler by Marc Chagall

The next picture is "The Juggler" by Marc Chagall. A juggler with a double profile, "cubist", greets the audience with his ridiculous hat and a ball at his side makes a turning and stands in the deep blue of the starry night like a full moon.
Another acrobat dives down from the trapeze on a half green and half blue horse and around, as a kind of frame, a myriad of characters surrounds the space in many anecdotes and episodes: strange anthropomorphic and zoomorphic performances on a journey through a dream and nightmare of the distance the background of a landscape, perhaps the prospect of the Seine. Much of childhood returns in the imagination of the artist who grew up in a Jewish family in Vitebsc, a remote Russian village which becomes a creative place of his entire narrative poetry. Childhood memories enliven the shady characters of his paintings: farmers at work, poultry, Gypsy musicians, circus, together with folktales imbue his works with mythological character.


The thesis "The Gypsies in the Art" (I Rom nell’arte) by Bruno Morelli

Marc Chagall(biography)


The Tempest by Giorgione

The Fortune-Teller by Caravaggio

The Violinist by Marc Chagall

The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau

Gypsy with a cigarette by Edouard Manet


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