Masonic Apron


It is known that a white apron was worn by the people who belonged to the cult of Mithras. It was worn by the leading members of the Essene community. It was the trace of the Chinese secret societies 10,000 years ago. It was worn proudly by Jewish priests and druids. The early Christians put it on during the baptism. The sculptures of Greek and Egyptian gods are covered with a white apron. For the Persians it was a national flag. Maya, Inca, Aztec, Hopi, Vikings - all wore an apron.

First, it is important to understand that Masonic symbolism is not an idea that has a single, unambiguous meaning. In fact, any symbol combines the three ideas that are connected to each other but not identical.
1. There is a personal symbolism that interpretation comes from the individual judgment of each person. Everyone can express their vision of a symbol, as the early Masonic writers did. Their dedication to the idea of the Freemasons, the knowledge of ancient science and deep religious faith lead them to the conclusion that non-Masons are incomprehensible, ridiculous, and arrogant.
2. There is also a Masonic symbolism - which means that the symbols of Freemasonry are explained according to the admitted Masonic sources and rites.
3. And finally, there is a symbolism of competition, and as the word itself says, makes comparison of different sources, and on that basis, the judgment is given.
For all these reasons, it is clear misunderstanding of ignorant people that were trying to understand the meaning of the Masonic apron.

The secret of Masonic apron

masonic-secretIn the Masonic apron, there are four right angles. Their sum is 360 degrees, which creates the secret circle of the Masters. The top or "cover" of the apron with three points of the corner indicates three Grand Masters who have given birth to Freemasonry - King Solomon, Hiram of Tyre and Hiram Abif. In some interpretations the top of the apron is a divider. The square represents four elements - fire, water, earth and air, while the "cover"- the supreme principle of the trinity. Numbers four and three. The play of light and shadows. When to add these two numbers it is seven, a number that Pythagoras represents as the unity of the divine (3) and being a human (4).

Seven is the number of planetary angels: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the number of colors of the rainbow, the seventh day is dedicated to eternity. Seven also symbolizes the seven virtues and seven dead vices. Seven is the number of real Master of Art, the number of doctrines to which members of cult are interested in: grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. Seven is a biblical number: the key to the creation of Moses, a symbol of faith. Moses left five books, while the law contains two wills. Menorah, the seven-branched Jewish candelabrum.

The Muslims have seven sacred temples. Seven ancient churches in Asia Minor disclose the love God-man. For seven years King Solomon has been building the church dedicated to God in the seventh month and the celebration lasted for seven days. The lodge for using in a good way needs the presence of seven brothers. Freemasonry is "shrouded in allegory and illustrated by symbols" because these are the surest ways in which moral and ethical truth can teach you.  The members should not deal only with intellect but also with the heart. Mind speaks to mind, with words spoken or written. Heart speaks to heart, in words which can neither write nor pronounce. These words are symbols. The body has its five senses through which the mind can learn, the mind has more imagination. This imagination can see through the eyes and hear through the ears. The symbols for imagination become clear as a printed word for the eye. If you took away the symbols of Freemasonry, only a shell would remain, and the core would fade. Who can hear only a pronounced Masonic word, cannot understand its true meaning.


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