Jachin and Boaz


Two pillars were built by Hiram and placed in the temple by the court. They had a particular symbolic significance in the iconography of Freemasonry. The symbolism and meaning are explained during the rituals of the candidates of the first and second degrees.

These two pillars have their own names: the right column is called Jachin, and the left column is Boaz.

Boaz, the pillar on the left side, symbolizes strength. Jachin, the right pillar, symbolizes wisdom and creation. Together they are the pillars of "stability." In masonry pillars often represent two spheres: celestial and terrestrial.

Beyond the bronze pillars, Jachin and Boaz there was also Hiram of Tyre, the son of the widow, the "sea of ​​bronze." This huge bowl-shaped basin rested on the shoulders of twelve bronze oxen in groups of three. The measurements of the giant bowl were about 4.5 meters in diameter, 2.4 meters deep and had a capacity of about 45,000 liters.

In the "bronze sea", also known as marine brass or great sea, the priests plunged their bodies as a rite of purification.

This place was considered sacred, it was sprinkled with fresh water and ashes connected to the rites of purification. The water had been conducted in a water tank through specially designed, named the aqueduct of Etam, after the water source. One of the tanks was so large that it could contain 12 million liters of water. This underground chamber was also known as the "Great Sea." The Temple of Solomon has been built for seven years. According to the Masonic legend, Hiram Abiff was murdered. When the circumstances of his death were examined, Solomon continued to build the Temple.

He ordered new, reliable, loyal officers to do that work. The Temple was finally completed in 960 BC, the eleventh year of the reign of King Solomon.

When the new temple was completed, the ark of the tabernacle of the Temple, the Holy Tabernacle, also known as the Holy of Holies, the Kadoshim Kadosh was finished too. Before the ark was exposed, King Solomon gathered all the people of Israel, sacrificing countless sheep and oxen to God. When the ark was placed in the temple, there appeared a cloud, and the building was filled with the glory of God. The King organized an opening ceremony, which lasted seven days. During the feast, the prayers and sacrifices were to start a new chapter for the people of Israel and their relationship with God. The First Temple remained intact until 586 BC. Then it was taken by the king of Babylon, and one part was destroyed by the Irish.

The second temple was rebuilt in 64 AD. But even that temple was destroyed in 70 AD, this time by the Romans. Today the famous Wailing Wall (Western Wall), the only part of Solomon's Temple is still standing and is a place of pilgrimage and worship.


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